Waterdunen is a 300 ha project that combines the improvement of the coastal defense and the development of a new area for nature and recreation. It intends to give a boost to the economic position and the spatial quality of the coastal region of southwest Zeeland. The program consists of the construction of a new tidal area, new sand dunes, 400 holiday homes, 14 ha campground, hotel / restaurant / visitor center, new paths and new roads.


Central value is the experience of nature. This is presented in a semi-natural environment, where sand and salty water dominate. Visitors can use the many pathways to walk or cycle through the area. From high platforms and in special huts they can watch the abundance of birds that feed, rest or live in this typical and rare landscape. The holiday homes are placed on and between the sand dunes: here nature starts at the threshold. The hotel / restaurant / visitor center is part of a small new holiday settlement that is situated next to the canal that connects the water basin of Waterdunen with the estuary of the Scheldt River. It offers spectacular views of Waterdunen and the further coast of Zeeland.

RoyalhaskoningDHV made the design and a cost calculation for Waterdunen, and a spatial scheme for the holiday resort. The team consisted of landscape architects, urban planners, architects, ecologists, technical engineers and cost specialists. The plans have been made in close cooperation with the stakeholders.