Drainage systems are needed whenever rainfall run off results in unacceptable damages due to flooding. This occurs often in urban areas with high percentages of paved surfaces. Urban drainage systems usually consist of collector pits, closed (sewers) or open drains (trenches/ditches), conveyance canals and receiving waterways.
Where free and continuous discharge of collected run off is not possible, storage basins and/or pumping stations can also be part of the drainage system. This is particularly applicable in flat areas and in areas where rainwater is collected for utilisation purposes,e.g. infiltration or as secondary resources for irrigation.

Urban drainage systems are not stand-alone objects, but form part of the total urban infrastructure. As such, We recognise the importance of an integrated urban infrastructure approach in many of its projects
We have extensive experience and expertise in master planning, feasibility studies, conceptual and detailed designs, preparation of tender documents, construction supervision, rehabilitation and operation and maintenance of urban drainage systems.

The Challenge:

Vinh city are struggling to keep up with rising demand for basic urban infrastructure, both in the established urban centers and in urban expansion areas. To varying degrees, the sewage and sanitation systems are inadequate, untreated domestic wastewater is often discharged directly into rivers, causing water pollution and serious health risks. Solid waste management deficiencies and uncontrolled dumping also add to environmental pollution, clogged drains, and generally poor public health conditions. Roads, particularly in the older parts of the city, are narrow, seriously degraded, and inadequate in extent, restricting efficient transport operations as city populations and household incomes increase.

The objective of Medium Cities Development Project for Vietnam is to increase access to improved urban infrastructure services in the project cities in a sustainable and efficient manner. Reflecting the important role that medium sized cities can play in Vietnam's development and urbanization process, the Government has requested support from the World Bank for infrastructure development in three medium sized cities, including Vinh city.

The Solution:

We have established a project team that covers all required international and national experts to deliver consulting servicces for the project: Survey, Detailed Design, Cost Estimate and Prepration of Bidding Documents

The Outcome:

The project contributes to increase access  to  improved urban  infrastructure  services  in  Vinh  city, improve the environment sanitation and the technical infrastructure, having a direct positive impact on the lives of many of the areas inhabitants.

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