Lifting Bridge Dr. Deelenlaan

Cruise Jetty | Royal HaskoningDHV

The steel structure of the current bridge, Dr. Deelenlaan, is in a deplorable state, and in need of replacement. The new design seeks to clearly designate and separate the structural elements of the drawbridge, bringing about visual harmony, while subtly integrating various characteristics of the current bridge, such as its color and the basic form of its column and counterweight.

The counterweight broadens towards the back to effectively accommodate the heft needed to raise the deck. The counterweight pivots around the axis at the top side of the column and lifts the bridge deck by means of the raising cable. The column has a central feed-through, at the front, for a hydraulic cylinder that connects to the steel bridge deck.

The principle of motion for the bridge is quite simple. The steel deck is set in motion by the hydraulic cylinder that acts conjointly with the counterweight. The width of the passage under the bridge is fourteen meters. The abutments are completely closed, blocking passage outside these fourteen meters. A service building will also be realized beside the bridge.

ClientRijkswaterstaat, Municipality of TilburgPeriod2014 - 2015
LocationTilburg, The NetherlandsServicesArchitecture, Project Management, Structural Design
ScopeDrawbridge across the WilhelminakanaalTeamRichard van den Brule, Mario Mies