Photo dated August 2011

Iskenderun Port, owned and operated by Turkish State Railways (TCDD) was tendered by the Prime Ministry Privatization Administration for the purpose of privatization. The privatization was awarded to Limak Investments. The Project involves the capacity expansion of the Iskenderun Port and development of a large portion of the existing port area into a modern container terminal by Limak. As Limak approached international lenders for the development of the Project, there was a need for an ESIA study. The ESIA Study was undertaken in accordance with IFC Performance Standards to meet the requirements of international lenders. ELC has undertaken the ESIA scoping study for the Project and established baseline study requirements for the ESIA. One of the main features of the Project was the need to dredge a volume of sediments of around 2 million m3 which required a detailed sediment sampling program in order to identify the quality and asses the hazardous characteristics. A soil and groundwater investigation at the port area was also undertaken as part of the baseline studies. A Stakeholder Engagement Plan was prepared for the Project in order to identify relevant stakeholders and the ways to engage with them.

The ESIA study was accepted by lenders and necessary financing was obtained for the development of the Project. Moreover, all Project activities were/are being conducted considering the environmental, health, safety and social criteria according to the Environmental and Social Management Plan that was prepared within the scope of the ESIA study. This, in return helps protection of the environment through taking identified mitigation measures.