For the Nijmegen office we emphasized on a collaborative and flexible working concept in order to connect people and knowledge. Activity based working played a vital part in the development of this new work environment.

To ensure flexibility, the different floors all have similar components. There is the default open space office, accompanied by small phone booths, spaces for concentration and spaces for collaboration. The collaboration spaces come in different sizes and with different facilities, such as smartboards, whiteboard walls and videoconference equipment.

The use of material, color and dimensions of each space clearly communicates its intended use. (Personal) Storage is integrated around the building cores making them easily accessible and preventing additional cupboards in the rooms. The center of each floor accompanies the more vibrant program of the office, like coffee corners, collaboration spaces and copy machines. The further you move to the end of the floor, a quieter ambiance is available.

We planned the floor in such a way that you cannot oversee the complete floor. This allowed us to create different mini-environments on each floor, providing additional diversity. On a subtle level we incorporated company branding and colors to ensure a clear brand identity.

Activity based working thrives with an open and transparent environment. Therefore good acoustics are paramount. Smart positioning of the rooms and a careful consideration of material use (e.g. sound absorbing wall finishing) minimizes noise nuisance to a comfortable level.

The result is a flexible and comfortable working environment which accommodates all kinds of activities and stimulates interaction and innovation.

Facts & numbers

ClientRoyal HaskoningDHV
The Netherlands
6,000 m2 GFA
2014 - 2015
Expertise Interior Design, Project Management, Cost Management, Building Services
TeamStefan Kolen, Jurgen Boonstra

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