Benchmark energieverbruik.

Eight banks and insurers in the Netherlands committed to the long-term Energy Efficiency agreements (MJA3). The government’s annual reports offered insufficient insight into the practical options for improving their energy performance. There was a need for deeper insight into the energy performance of their Assets.

Benchmark Energy Consumption versus Spatial Use of Assets

Royal HaskoningDHV defined and performed a benchmark with the participants. This benchmark is a mutual comparison of Energy Performance of each building and each financial service provider in relation to the performance of the total of 1.4 million m2 office floor area, 0.7 million m2 of bank shop floor area and six data centers.

Tracing how millions can be saved

Based on insight and comparisons, cost reduction options were identified for concrete methods to reduce energy consumption. Lessons learned were recorded from the best in class buildings. For example, if the energy consumption in 75 offices, each with energy consumption above the median, can be reduced to consumption at the median performance, the annual cost reduction is 400 GJ of energy. That equals 28 million tons of CO2 and € 7 million in the energy bill. This equates to about € 100,000 per building.