The project’s objective was to produce a feasible and sustainable master plan for an Industrial Park and Port. The project will reduce dependency on foreign oil and will enhance economic growth in the region. Partners expect that a new regional industrial hub for Eastern Africa will be created. The Industrial park and its joint infrastructure will attract other industrial investments, bringing economic development and jobs. The Master Plan sets out a development pathway and identifies regional development opportunities.

The main principle in this master plan is that urban development follows economic development. The respective region is in the first stage of rapid change, since international companies are investing heavily in primary infrastructure. In this changing landscape is important to plan for optimal conditions for a long term co-existence of the industries, rural and urban communities. Therefore the master plan starts with planning a top-level industrial park, following international standards in the design as well as in governance and management.

Synergies between industries will minimalize the use of resources such as land, water, energy and building materials by sharing them. A strong relationship with the region creates a joint environment which will provide opportunities for industries and local communities.

The Industrial activities will result in 34,000 jobs and an increase of 120,000 inhabitants in the region by 2045. Providing a simple set of regulations will help to prevent scattered and unsustainable development.

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