Imam Khomeini International Airport
The Imam Khomeini Airport Authority is planning a vast expansion of 14,000 ha for the next 25 years of the International Airport, 45 km south of Tehran.
Approx. 10,000 ha of desert land will become a new economic center and vibrant city, the rest is the actual Airport. New terminals are under construction and study, as are new air strips. This part of the project is still ongoing and done by NACO.
Market research and concept development, via a range of interviews with a broad variety of stakeholders, resulted in a strategy and program for the development of the ‘Aerotropolis’.

Vibrant Airport City
The spatial masterplan focusses on creating a functional yet attractive airport city, by using local strengths and opportunities qualities and place making.
The main topics in this development are:

  • Creating a strong yet flexible framework (main roads, metro line, high speed railroad, green and water structure);
  • Focusing and facilitating the most promising sectors and value chain, keeping in mind the water shortage in the region;
  • Creating excellent and multi-modal connectivity to the rest of the Tehran metropolitan area.

A detailed design of the first phase helps guide the next years of plot-assignment, main infrastructure and landscape development.



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