Geneva Airport

Efficient and speedy baggage handling can make or break an airport’s reputation. Geneva Airport, with more than 120 direct-flight destinations to and from Europe, North America, Africa, Middle-East and Asia, is regarded as a preferred gateway into Europe.

IPM was tasked with assessing current and future baggage demand, present system function and capacity, and to provide recommendations for the development of an efficient baggage handling system.

We carried out a desktop study of the system capability to meet the present and future demand and function. This involved a demand assessment for the outbound baggage handling system using existing and projected flight schedules and consideration of constraints such as terminal and runway capacities.

Direct observation of the system during peak periods established a practical view of the system and its operation. This culminated in a comprehensive report including recommendations for improvement and further development of the system.

Our report concluded that an 18 per cent increase in baggage handling capacity from all terminals up to the 2025 time horizon could be expected. This equated to more than 6,400 pieces of baggage being handled per hour.

Facts for interest

  • 14 million passengers were recorded in 2012 (+ 73% increase in 10 years).
  • 192,944 air movements in 2012 (+ 16.5% in five years).
  • More than 50 scheduled airlines use Geneva Airport, including some 20 non-European airlines.