Our design for the Fosun Pharma Research Center combines three functions (offices, laboratories, workshops) into one single building volume.


An intelligent configuration of the different functions catalyzes innovation and provides synergy between the different departments. It delivers a collective space as a facilitator of expert interaction and at the same time as a driver for concentration.

The uniform facade, tightly wrapped around the volume, gives the building an omni-directional character. The facade provides privacy to the researchers working in the building and filters direct sunlight.

In contrast to the uniform outer facade, the central patio really defines the identity of the research center. All shared functions are located around this patio, facilitating expert interactions. The patio symbolizes the connection between Earth, Heaven and Man. An important concept from the Taiji culture.

From the laboratory floors, the patio and adjacent shared space are clearly visible, but do not interfere with the functionality and efficiency of the laboratory itself.

ClientFOSUN PharmaPeriod2014
LocationShanghai, China ServicesArchitecture
Scope28.000 m2TeamStefan Kolen, Roel Brouwers

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