By identifying the right level of protection required for its underground cable infrastructure, our client can implement the infrastructure and embed procedures to meet industry standards and legislation. A positive side effect is significant capex savings in future solar energy plants.

Our client is involved in developing, financing and operating solar photovoltaic parks and has a large asset portfolio of installed capacity across Europe. We were asked to investigate if unarmoured cables could be used underground and whether additional protection or other measures were required.

Advice and recommendations for cable protection

Our review extended across relevant legislation, national and industry standards, as well as the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) standards and practices.

We provided expert advice on current practice and mitigations already applied, and made recommendations on embedding further measures with regard to industry best practice and legislation.

The result enables our client to implement the right cables and protection in its underground cable infrastructure and is expected to lead to significant capex savings in future photovoltaic projects.