Gauteng is South Africa’s smallest and most populous province, a fact which creates a number of complexities for environmental management. Economic development in Gauteng is the engine that helps drive the national and African economies. However high levels of development, industrial and mining activities, population growth and urbanization have created both challenges and opportunities for the province to manage its natural resource base.

Image: Johannesburg, South Africa

In 2012 Royal HaskoningDHV delivered the 2011 State of the Environment Report for Gauteng. The report provides an ‘environmental census’ of the province at a particular point in time, and a basis of information on trends and conditions in the environment. Covering issues relating to land, agriculture, biodiversity, water, air quality, climate change, human settlements, waste and environmental governance, the report is helping the provincial government, policy makers, planners and others to make informed decisions about sustainable development and resource management.

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