Amsterdam is growing and the city is getting busier. Good and safe accessibility is therefore very important. The Amsterdam tunnels are an important link for this. That is why the municipality of Amsterdam wants to guarantee future-proof management and maintenance of the integrated road tunnel system. Amsterdam has asked Royal HaskoningDHV to renovate three major road tunnels and the traffic control center, from which the tunnels are operated and monitored, using BIM. 

Digital Tunnel Twin

During a renovation, the tunnels would be out of use for a longer period of time, causing a lot of traffic delays and associated costs. With new technology, we can virtualize 3D-BIM models and simulate dynamic behaviours. This way we are able to create a digital and virtual copy of the tunnel, the Digital Tunnel Twin, that ensures that the renovation and commissioning can proceed as quickly as possible. We use the digital twin to develop and test systems, hence we don’t need to use the physical asset. Besides the Design and Construct of the renovation, the Digital Tunnel Twin will be used for training of the operators of the tunnels. We can simulate all kinds of scenarios, which can significantly shorten the training period. 

OTL to facilitate standardisation

The Digital Tunnel Twin will use an Object Type Library (OTL) to facilitate the standardisation of the road tunnels. The OTL will be able to deal with several classifications of the object types, using the different existing classification and facilitate the use of a new common classification system as to be developed with the municipality of Amsterdam.

"If a tunnel has to be closed for an extended period of time, it will result in a huge traffic nuisance and a high cost. The development of the digital twin will require an extra investment at the front, but it will allow us to get the tunnels and the traffic control back into operation much faster and that will pay off," says Daan Alsem, Senior Project Manager for Royal HaskoningDHV.

Future robust BIM Implementation Plan

We developed the future robust BIM Implementation Plan (BIP) and the Digital Tunnel Twin using standardised Object Type Library (OTL) for the asset objects specification. The BIP was delivered at the end of 2019 and covers the management of the projects in the next four years. 

Daan Alsem said: "We are very happy that our adaptive infrastructure technology allows us to achieve a link between the physical asset and the digital twin. This ensures better use of the physical assets through smart use of data. In addition, it is also faster and cheaper!" 

Amsterdam has started the renovation according to this BIP, which will result in safe road tunnels with highly qualified certified personal and a modernised digital way-of-working for Operate and Maintain of the road tunnels. In 2025, the tunnels and the traffic control centre will be ready for the future.

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