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Saudi Arabia has a strategic goal to diversify its industry and transform national resources into sustainable wealth. MODON, as an independent public agency, is responsible for developing, expanding and operating industrial areas in the Kingdom. Therefore, MODON has signed a framework contract with Royal HaskoningDHV for the design and engineering of 5 new cities that combine modern residential with large industrial, logistic and technological areas. The size of each city is in between 15 and 250 square kilometers green field and brown field development.

Our Solution

Following a recognized ‘3i approach’ (integral, interdisciplinary and interactive), Royal HaskoningDHV develops the city design from a first conceptual vision to the final engineering solution. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the site, surroundings and economical position, several scenarios are developed and evaluated together with the client.

For each development project, key customers are consulted during the development process, offering demand-led tailor-made design solutions. In several cities, innovative social and technological solutions play a central role; e.g. the development of a network of bonded zones for international trade and investment, a dedicated car manufacturing hub for the Middle East, and the provision of gender-inclusive business and working environment enhancing female participation in the economy.

While the overall master plans have a strategic horizon of several decades, the development project is broken down into a number of concrete phases. In every development, an area is assigned to the first stage and is further developed and engineered to the level of drafting tender and construction documentation. 

Supporting services that are offered involve:
  • Market Study
  • Economic Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Traffic Impact Assessment
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Traffic surveying

The Outcome

Royal HaskoningDHV delivers to MODON high quality, flexible, solid and feasible master plans with a detailed design for the first developmental phase to enhance the economic diversification of Saudi Arabia.