In Indonesia water is abundantly available. It is only inadequate at specific places, and mostly only during limited periods. Therefore excellent opportunities exist to improve water resource management. Frequently better use and/or rehabilitation of existing facilities and catchments conditions greatly contributes to retarding run-off during peak flows, reducing floods and increasing base flows in dry spells. Conditions to bring sufficient water from source to users can be improved by improving efficiency, and only in specific cases new facilities will be needed. With the right effort, comprising expertise to identify and develop adequate technical solutions, as well as organizational and financial mechanisms to develop and sustain the functioning of these solutions, the problems related to shortage or excess of water can be overcome.

Our Solution
Through the experience in earlier Basin Planning projects, Royal HaskoningDHV will be able to provide an effective approach, dealing with all aspects individually but also in an integrated way. Our main asset is that we can provide an objective technical and model based framework to identify issues and challenges, as well as potential solutions, and provide the decision makers and affected persons with adequate information during the planning process. This will help to get a clear picture of the existing situation and find better solutions, resulting in a better plan for sustainable water resources management..
The main activities will include;

  1. River Basin Territory Strategic Plan
  2. River Basin Territory Implementation Plan

The Outcome
The objective of Basin Water Resources Management Planning is to enhance the knowledge base and capacity to provide guidance for water resources management to national and provincial basins of Directorate General of Water Resources.