A good program of requirements

The designing and constructing, as well as the operating and managing of train stations, are complex operations. Multiple stakeholders and a good program of requirements determine the quality of a station. In order to further professionalize the Asset Management position within the NS (Dutch Railways), there was a demand for a generic program of requirements for stations.

The development of a well-thought-out basic program of requirements and a 5-steps-action plan for life cycle management provide better programming and Asset management for several categories of train stations, with less effort.

Combine all demands and wishes together

By means of stakeholder analyses, workshops with relevant parties, and an extensive document analysis, we have provided the Dutch Railways with a few ready-for-use solutions for the successful development of cost-effective and well-performing stations.

Generic solutions for each station

Besides a generic program of requirement for stations, also a manual for life cycle management and a process manual for the construction of station have been developed.


All the stakeholders who were involved in specifying, (re)development, management and maintenance of stations, experience now a substantial advantage from the provided products.