The Amsterdam Sloterdijk railway station is in need of an upgrade

While it was a great station when it was built, today, the station’s surroundings and its use have changed drastically, resulting in a building that has lost its original splendor. The renewed station, however, should bring that back, and more!

The design recreates the clarity of a train station of the past and combines it with modern day spatial and functional quality.

The structure is given a curved glass roof that covers all transport and traveler’s functions. The roof offers the urban quality and scale that fits the station and its surroundings.

The interior space is zoned according to the traveler’s movements and needs: a “no rush” traveler requires quality free time in the station; a “slight rush” traveler requires comfortable spaces to wait and/or work; a “rush” traveler requires clear and visible information and a short walking distance from entrance to exit.

The spaces are designed to make the traveler’s time in this urban station valuable.

Sustainability is an essential part of making the station a high quality urban space. The roof offers the possibility of water retention and the use of solar cells. The space within the glass roof functions as a greenhouse.

The height of the space offers areas with temperature differences, which can be used to create energy and provide heating. The interior has been designed to ensure that daylight penetrates all the levels and is distributed as evenly as possible. The materials are chosen for their structural, environmental and architectural qualities.

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