Agricultural development is considered a top state priority in Russia. We are assisting Agrico, one of Russia’s largest agricultural organisations, with the design of a greenfield agricultural complex in the Republic of Dagestan. The complex includes a meat processing and canning complex, a fruit and vegetable storage and canning facility, and a rice processing plant. 

The Russian government has initiated a number of programmes to lead the technical upgrade of agricultural facilities as well as implementation of innovative agricultural processes. Ensuring that the companies and organisations operating in the sector have access to process ‘know-how’ is critical to the success of these programmes.  
Agrico is one of Russia’s largest agricultural organisations and cultivates around 100,000 hectares of agricultural land in the south of the country.  The Republic of Dagestan is an area known for its favourable agricultural climate. Agrico develops a total area more than 300 hectares.

Royal HaskoningDHV is applying the best engineering and management practices for this project. We have completed conceptual designs on all three facilities and have carried out selection and tendering for process equipment. Our independent position means that we can select the most cost-efficient process equipment which adds value for Agrico. Our international team is now working on the basic design for the project.  The design will include process engineering in line with Russian regulations and will take into account local geophysical conditions such as seismic hazards. 

The project is expected to improve living conditions across the region bringing both employment and economic opportunities to Dagestan.

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