The Government of Jordan needed to import natural gas to meet increasing demand and to mitigate the shortfall in the existing supply. The fast track solution was to import natural gas in liquid form (LNG) via a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU). ​

Royal Haskoning DHV provided surveys and investigations, the overall master plan and associated ocean, navigation and safety studies. The design included a single berth jetty for berthing the FSRU and the adjacent LNG Carrier that replenishes the FSRU via ship-to-ship transfer. 

The marine terminal includes a jetty head extending to land in the form of a platform, with four breasting ‘dolphins’ and two mooring dolphins on each side of the berth to reduce movement of the FSRU. Quick release hooks are provided at the jetty to allow for fast departure in case of emergency. ​

Related onshore facilities are primarily associated with safe transmission of gas and metering prior to transfer into the grid. The LNG import and gas transfer is operated from the FSRU and onshore processes are automated where possible. ​

The facility was successfully opened ahead of schedule in June 2015. ​