6 Jun 2016

Author: Dr Zaman Sarker

Dr Zaman Sarker of BL Water, the United Kingdom (Peterborough), has recently published a journal paper on numerical modelling of cyclones in the Arabian Sea. The paper was published in the International Journal for Port Development (World Port Development).

Cyclone modelling is an important exercise to derive extreme design waves and water levels required for various marine and coastal facilities such as SPMs, Pipelines, Causeway, Ports, Harbours, Marinas, Quay Walls, Breakwater, groyne and seawall. As part of the cyclone modelling, the actual track of Cyclone Nilofar was simulated using the MIKE21 Model to derive extreme waves and surge.

Although the emphasis has been on modelling these processes within the Arabian Sea, the methodology outlined in the article could be applied to sites within other regions that are affected by such natural hazards.