21 Aug 2018

As part of its strategy to focus on innovation and digital, Royal HaskoningDHV is embracing BIM (Better Information Management). BIM allows for efficient development and maintenance of the built environment through a collaborative new way of working with clients based on digital technologies and common processes. For example, via a digital twin designed through BIM.

Sabine Schilleman, Global Lead Digital Ways of Working at Royal HaskoningDHV: "We have great and intelligent people in our company and through BIM, all their knowledge will come together and we will work in one common data environment. This will enhance our services for all our clients and innovation acceleration."

Royal HaskoningDHV will be supported by its own BIM Champions who have been trained by Sabine Schilleman and Casey Rutland to train colleagues in applying BIM in their daily practice. More than 200 champions have been trained, from Ho-Chi Minh City, New Delhi and Jakarta to Peterborough, and from Durban to Amersfoort. Casey Rutland, the company's UK Director of Digital, added: "I'm very proud to see how our BIM Champions are training others and also are complying with our customers to co-create on BIM projects."

BIM will increase overall efficiency and quality, prevent any loss of information or miscommunication and ultimately will result in a better understanding of repeated methods, opening up the opportunity for automation.

In May 2018 Royal HaskoningDHV secured BIM Level 2 accreditation in the UK. Working at BIM Level 2 has been a central government mandate in the UK since 2016 – and it is increasingly rolling out at a local government level. That aside, many private clients are also embracing and appointing teams to work using BIM processes.

“We created a partnership with Building SMART International and work closely with different digital partners to make our new digital ways of working happening for our customers and to enhance society together,” added Casey.