11 Apr 2016
As part of a worldwide rollout, Philips is encouraging greater employee collaboration, innovation and flexible working amongst its workforce with its Workplace Innovation initiative. At the start of 2015, the Royal HaskoningDHV Project Management Consultancy Advisory Group was tasked with delivering the fit out of the new UK headquarters as part of a worldwide framework agreement with Philips.


As the new building had been unoccupied for six years, a significant amount of testing and commissioning had to be completed before any work could begin. Issues which arose as a result of this caused significant delays in signing the new lease. Royal HaskoningDHV had a number of relationships to maintain and manage within Philips, together with managing the interface between the change of landlords for the new building in order to ensure efficient delivery of the project.

Peter de Winter, Philips Real Estate Director commented: “Royal HaskoningDHV beat the competition due to their integrated approach. This was a major selling point for us in making sure that the project was a success. The original 27 week contract duration extended to 43 weeks, which was a 60% increase mainly due to the impact of the prolonged testing, validation and lease negotiations. Royal HaskoningDHV leadership – supported by the Philips team – successfully delivered the project for 12% below the original cost plan.”

Mirroring projects around the globe in Philips’ offices – including Brazil, India, Portugal and the USA – the company’s new UK headquarters encourages a new way of working. Philips is encouraging employees to switch to flexible working practices using advanced working tools and technologies which allow them to work anytime, anywhere.

Teddy Bogdanovski, Philips Programme Account Manager, Royal HaskoningDHV, concluded: “This project saw extensive co-operation across Royal HaskoningDHV, drawing upon the expertise of our Buildings and Services team as well as the Project Management Consultancy Advisory Group. Our integrated design and project management approach provided Philips with an end-to-end, seamless offer from the beginning of the project to the company’s move-in date.”

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