14 Jun 2018

Kroonint Protective Coating BV, Omgevingsdienst Zuid-Holland Zuid (OZHZ) and Royal HaskoningDHV have started the first interactive permit procedure in the Netherlands. Kroonint wants to optimise its paint factory in Dordrecht and applies for an environmental permit. The application in this pilot is more compact, visual and easier to understand. The interactive permit application is more transparent for stakeholders and responds to changing legislation and regulations (Environment and Planning Act).

OZHZ, who assesses environmental permits, has worked with Royal HaskoningDHV and in consultation with Kroonint to find a way to improve the permit procedure. The results of pilot will indicate whether the complex and extensive reports required for a permit application can be replaced by an online web application developed by Royal HaskoningDHV and whether this contributes to a greater involvement of all stakeholders.

Participation and digitalisation

This pilot is conducted in anticipation of the new Environmental and Planning Act that will come into force in 2021. Two important pillars of this law are participation and digitalisation. New spatial plans are digital and stakeholder involvement is required for any changes to these plans. The same applies to permits. With each permit, the applicant must demonstrate how stakeholders can participate and how their input is processed in the plan for which the permit is requested. The interactive permit application ties in with both requirements by providing the application information in a compact, visual and understandable way for different stakeholders with diverse information needs.

Move through the applicant's surroundings in 3D

The interactive permit application for this pilot is based on the iReport and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. GIS technology is based on the fact that everything on earth has a geographical position. This allows for reporting with interactive maps. The interactive permit application focuses on these maps, 3D models, videos and images, with text merely supporting, in contrast to a regular permit application. Users can decide for themselves what they want to see and what they want to know more about. They can move freely through the applicant's surroundings in 3D

First interactive permit procedure of the Netherlands started | Royal HaskoningDHV

Photo: Screenshot of the interactive permit application

Use in future permit procedures

The permit application has been offered to the OZHZ. They will review the application and will publish their decision - also in an interactive manner - after the summer. The pilot provides valuable information in the run-up to the Environmental and Planning Act. Kroonint, OZHZ and Royal HaskoningDHV look forward to using the experience and knowledge acquired during the pilot for future permit procedures.

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