8 Jun 2021

The Amsterdam West Beat building has been awarded the 2021 Golden A.A.P best-building-of-the-year-award. For the second time since its introduction, both the jury and the public selected the same building to be the winner.

 West Beat is praised for the way it bridges, both literally and figuratively, two city districts and acts as a central piece in the development of the area it is located in. While starting of as a small initiative, the project grew far beyond the basic requirements in the way it has integrated a large mix of users and functions within a single impressive building design. The idea developed from a one-off solution for the new building, to a large-scale concept that could serve as an example for other projects as well. It was this large impact that was key in what made West Beat the clear winner in this contest.

Structural engineering by Royal HaskoningDHV helped deliver the desired impact while also ensuring costs for parking spaces didn’t escalate. In relation to this latter requirement, costs were kept to a minimum by illuminating the need for a second parking storey. This was achieved by using large supporting arches rather that many smaller ones that would take up a lot of space in the parking area. Learn more about the role of Royal HaskoningDHV in the project reference.