Significant lower CAPEX and OPEX (TOTEX)

Nereda results in construction costs that are lower than for conventional technology as e.g. tank volumes are up to four times smaller and less equipment is required. The precise investment savings are of course site-specific and vary per project and country, which makes it difficult to give a generalized answer.

Nereda enables extensive treatment in compact and uncomplicated designs. The amount of mechanical equipment is much less than in conventional processes. For example, separate clarifiers, return sludge pumping stations or moving decanters are not necessary. This lowers the direct plant costs (CAPEX) for greenfield, brownfield, retrofit or capacity extension applications and often enables that existing treatment sites can be utilized rather than purchasing new land. Operation & Maintenance costs (OPEX) are much lower thanks to the reduction in mechanical equipment, chemical-free operation and the remarkably high energy efficiency of the process.

  • Compact and uncomplicated tank design
  • Less mechanical equipment
  • No separate clarifiers
  • Lower capital expenditures
  • Lower Operation & Maintenance costs
  • Lower whole live cost plant costs
  • No or minimal chemicals and waste disposal costs
  • Lower energy consumption