High-end performance 

Nereda wastewater treatment plants have proven to perform at a very high level. The advantages of Nereda are proven in operation and convincing:

  • Excellent effluent quality: As a result of the great variety of biological processes that simultaneously take place in the aerobic granular sludge, Nereda technology delivers an excellent effluent quality, including extensive biological phosphorous and nitrate removal.
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  • Cost Effective: Nereda® has a significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX compared to conventional wastewater treatment technologies.                     
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  • Small physical footprint: Nereda® combines its biological treatment process in just one reactor and is up to 30 times faster. This is the reason that Nereda has a small physical footprint and takes up to 75% less space than traditional plants.                       
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  • SustainableWith its significantly lower energy consumption and minimal use of chemicals, Nereda can be considered one of the most sustainable wastewater treatment technologies. Find out how

  • Easy to operate: Nereda’s controller automizes a great part the process while continuously optimizing the performance through the translation of process parameters. Compared to a conventional technology, there is much less mechanical equipment to operate and maintain, which makes it much easier to operate.                     
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