Facts & Figures

ClientIrish Water
Licensee EPS Group 
Wastewater type Municipal
Location & start-up Cork Lower Harbour, Ireland
Start-up 2017
Status Operational 
Average capacity 18,280 m3/day │ 72,000 p.e. (54 g BOD)
Peak Flow1,830 m3/hour 

About the Cork Lower Harbour Nereda WWTP

Irish Water, Ireland’s national utility responsible for providing and developing water and wastewater services throughout Ireland, started works this week on a new waste water treatment plant in Shanbally as part of the Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Project. Irish Water is to make an overall investment of €91 million in the project which will eliminate the discharge of untreated sewage into the Lower Harbour. 

Currently untreated sewage from Cobh, Carrigaline (including Crosshaven), Passage West/Monkstown (including Glenbrook) and Ringaskiddy (including Shanbally and Coolmore) is discharged into the Lower Harbour on a daily basis. By providing enhanced waste water treatment the project will provide environmental protection which will facilitate economic growth in the Lower Harbour area and provide for a growing population.

A Nereda as part of a bigger plan

The Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Project aims to provide enhanced wastewater treatment through the development of a new wastewater treatment plant at Shanbally County Cork. The Project is important in terms of protecting the environment, facilitating economic development and providing for a growing population. The plant will serve the areas of Cobh, Carrigaline, Crosshaven, Passage West/Monkstown (including Glenbrook) and Ringaskiddy (including Shanbally & Coolmore).

Operational by the end of 2016

Commenting on the project, Déaglán Healy, Project Manager at Irish Water said; "We welcome the start of works on the new Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Cork Lower Harbour area. Irish Water’s priority is to develop infrastructure capable of providing quality wastewater services across the country. The development of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant will improve wastewater treatment for the communities around Lower Harbour. A sustainable Wastewater Treatment Plant will bring health and environmental benefits to the growing local population as well as improved water quality for all who enjoy the wonderful natural resource. The Wastewater Treatment Plant will start treating sewage in late 2016 with immediate benefits to the Lower Harbour.

Irish Water wishes to acknowledge the work carried out to date by Cork County Council. We’re very much looking forward to delivering this project in partnership with Cork County Council and the local community.”

About the Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Scheme on YouTube