Facts & Figures

 ClientWaterschapsbedrijf Limburg
 LocationWeert, The Netherlands
 Operation Start2019
 Project TypeBrownfield
 Process Configuration ---
 Nereda Design Capacity:
  • Dry Weather Flow20,127 MLD
  • Peak Flow3,130 m3/h
  • PE52,750 PE (PE = 60 gBOD/d)
 In the Media:VERDYGO-NEREDA Intallatie in Weert operationeel

About the Nereda® WWTP Weert

New European water legislation (KRW) means effluent requirements are more strict for the Weert WWTP from 2019 onwards. The Water Authority of Limburg (WBL) has decided to replace the existing WWTP at Weert with a more effective and efficient plant to meet those requirements. The new plant will be based on the Nereda® Technology because of its high effluent quality, small footprint and low energy requirements. RHDHV provided a Nereda Technology Package to design, build and operate a WWTP that will treat waste water of 140,000 people (74,101 p.e. after primary settling) to new strict effluent requirements. Start-up of the plant and 3 years of operational support are included in our scope. Because of the small footprint Nereda requires, the client will be able to build the new plant next to the existing plant on the existing grounds. When the Nereda plant is operational in 2020, the existing plant will be demolished.



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