Facts & Figures

 ClientAnglian Water
 LocationGreat Dunmow, Essex
 Operation Start2018
 Project TypeGreenfield
 Process ConfigurationPre-treatment + Nereda + Fuzzy filtration
 Nereda Design Capacity:
  • Dry Weather Flow2 MLD
  • Peak Flow240 m3/h
  • PE10,958 PE (PE = 60 gBOD/d)
 In the Media:Great Dunmow Water Recycling Centre
 Anglian Water’s first wastewater treatment plant using Nereda® aerobic granular activated sludge
 "Going Organic" in @ one, Anglian Water Magazine, August 2018

About the Nereda WWTP Great Dunmow

Great Dunmow is a market town in the Uttlesford district of Essex, England, situated approximately 10km east of London Stansted Airport.

The Challenge

Operator Anglian Water needed to upgrade its wastewater treatment works at Great Dunmow in Essex as rapidly as possible, to serve the needs of a population equivalent of 10,958. The project was time-critical, to ensure the company could meet the tightened consents required. An added challenge was the very limited space available on the existing works site.

The Solution

To meet the needs of a very fast construction time, EPS, Nereda licensee for Royal HaskoningDHV developed a 3D model, which was then factory manufactured, maximising DFMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly). This was an ideal solution for Anglian Water as it was a simple above ground civil engineering construction. The delivery partner was @one Alliance. A buffer tank and three 600m³ Nereda reactors were installed with the capacity for downstream tertiary solids removal. Waste sludge is thickened in buffer tanks before polymer conditioning and thickening to 6% dry solids to be tankered off site. A Nereda plant typically only requires a quarter of the land area that is needed for the equivalent conventional activated sludge treatment, which makes it perfect for locations such as Great Dunmow, where very limited space is available for construction.

The Outcome

The Nereda installation at Great Dunmow was commissioned in 2018. The development of the modular construction minimised the site installation period, while the small footprint of the plant was ideal for the very limited space available.



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The local benefits of the project

Nereda logo small Compact footprint
Nereda logo small Time-critical solution
Nereda logo small Environmentally friendly
Nereda logo small Consent compliant 
Nereda logo small  Increased treatment capacity