Facts & Figures

 ClientWater Authority Rijn en IJssel
 LocationZutphen, The Netherlands
 Operacion Start2018
 Project TypeGreenfield
 Process ConfigurationPre-treatment + Nereda
 Nereda Design Capacity:
  • Dry Weather Flow10 MLD
  • Peak Flow422 m3/h
  • PE213,383 PE (PE = 60 gBOD/d)
 In the Media:Nieuwe duurzame grondstof Kaumera gelanceerd
 World’s first waste water treatment plant to produce biopolymer Kaumera

About the Nereda® WWTP in Zutphen

In November 2016 Water Authority Rijn en IJssel has announced the commissioning of the world’s first (industrial) Nereda extraction factory for Kaumera Nereda® Gum in Zutphen. In addition to the energy/chemical saving and phosphate recovery, the Nereda technology opens up the opportunity to recover a valuable biopolymer. The Nereda process excess sludge is rich in Alginate-Like Exopolysaccharides (Kaumera), a biopolymer mix produced by the bacteria purifying the wastewater. Kaumera can easily be harvested and has the potential to unlock economic interesting applications.

Water Authority Rijn en IJssel has committed to investing € 11 million in the construction of a Kaumera Nereda® Gum factory using the residual water of the Friesland Campina dairy production plants in Lochem and Borculo. In addition to producing the new, sustainable raw material, the factory will purify the residual water resulting in a quarter less sludge than is produced during the current process.

Raw materials plant in Zutphen

Image: Artist impression of the Nereda in Zutphen


Chair of the Water Authority Rijn en IJssel, Hein Pieper said: "The treatment of wastewater demands a substantial annual investment from Dutch water authorities. Additionally we often lose precious energy and resources with this wastewater. That is why we team up with universities, research institutions and companies to create the wastewater treatment of the future: energy neutral Energy and Raw Materials Factories that produce no waste at all. We continuously work towards a fully sustainable and circular economy."

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