Facts & Figures

 ClientMunicipality of Strömstad
 LocationStrömstad, Sweden
 Operation Start2018
 Project TypeGreenfield
 Process ConfigurationPre-treatment + Primary settler + Nereda
 Nereda Design Capacity:
  • Dry Weather Flow4 MLD
  • Peak Flow360 m3/h
  • PE21,000 PE (PE = 60 gBOD/d)

About the Strömstad Nereda WWTP

Designing a wastewater treatment plant for the municipality of Strömstad is challenging for two reasons. First: Strömstad is located in a very touristic area of Sweden, which means that the variation in loading is large throughout the year. Second: the low temperatures during the winter may not affect the treatment results.

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The local benefits of the project

Nereda logo small Improved treatment capacity
Nereda logo small Extremes of temperature conditions
Nereda logo small Reduced operating costs 
Nereda logo small Environmental benefits
Nereda logo small  Superb performance in challenging location