Facts & Figures

 Client Jeddah Airport
 Location Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
 Operation Start 2023
 Wastewater Municipal
 Project Type Greenfield
 Process ConfigurationDisc filters + chlorine disinfection 
 Nereda Design Capacity:
  • Dry Weather Flow 363,966
  • Peak Flow 21,504
  • PE 2.250.000

About Wastewater Treatment Plant Jeddah International Airport

Nereda® technology provides modern wastewater treatment for international airport expansion


Jeddah Independent Sewage Treatment Plant (ISTP), or the JA2 plant, will be located in the Mecca region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The plant is owned by the Saudi Water Partnership Company who contracted the upgrade of the treatment plant to the Jeddah Althaniya Water Company. This Special Purpose Vehicle company will also be responsible for several years of operation and maintenance of the plant.


Due to an extensive expansion of Jeddah’s international airport, the adjoining wastewater treatment plant needed to be modernized in order to process the increased capacity. The new treatment plant requires a capacity of 500,000 cubic meter per day.


The project was awarded in an international competitive tender to a consortium consisting of Marafiq,  Veolia and Amwal Al Khaleej as developers. Nereda technology is offered through our Indian licensee, VA Tech Wabag, in this region. Nereda technology was chosen as the most cost-effective solution with one of the lowest sewage tariffs. The design includes the construction of six lines of two Nereda® reactors each. Two side-stream buffers are included, which will be used to flatten the daily flow peaks. The sludge coming from the Nereda process will be stored in two sludge holding tanks.


When complete, the new Jeddah Airport 2 ISTP will be one of the largest and most advanced wastewater treatment plants not only in the Middle East, but also in the world. The plant has been designed to treat the wastewater for more than 1.2 million people in Jeddah City. The construction started early 2021, and the commissioning and start-up is scheduled for 2023. When operational, recycled water from the plant will be sold to the national water company (NWC) for use in agriculture and commercial applications.



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