Facts & Figures

 WastewaterPilot Plant
 LocationSha Tin, Hong Kong
 Operation Start2016
 Nereda Pilot Design Capacity:
  • Dry Weather Flow1,000 m3/d
  • PE4,630 p.e. (54 g BOD)

About the Hong Kong Nereda® Pilot WWTP

Nereda technology is one of the advanced sewage treatment technologies that is being explored for the relocation of Hong Kong’s largest secondary sewage treatment works - Sha Tin - to caverns. This would release the existing site of about 28 hectares for housing and other purposes that would enhance our living quality. It is an innovative approach in line with Hong Kong's long-term social and economic development. 

NEREDA_WWTP_Hong Kong_Sha Tin

Image: aerial overview photo of the Sha Tin WWTP

To support Hong Kong’s sustainable development, the Government is actively exploring various approaches to develop new land resources. One of those approaches includes the relocation of the Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works (with a capacity of around 350,000 MLD) to caverns, with a view to releasing the existing site (approximately 28 hectares) for other beneficial uses. Several advanced process technologies are being considered in order to optimize the benefits of the project and in October 2015 the Drainage Services Department signed a contract with a local Contractor, Kingsford Environmental Limited, for carrying out pilot tests for sewage and sludge treatment processes under local conditions. Key objective of this Contract is to obtain information on the treatment performance, limitations, design characteristics and operation & maintenance requirements of pre-selected secondary treatment processes including Nereda technology.

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