Facts & Figures

 ClientBRK Ambiental - Saneatins
 LicenseeBRK Ambiental
 LocationAraguaína, Tocantis, Brazil
 Operation Start2019
 Project TypeGreenfield
 Process ConfigurationPre-treatment + Nereda
 Nereda Design Capacity:
  • Dry Weather Flow34 MLD
  • Peak Flow2,196 m3/h
  • PE228,083 PE (PE = 60 gBOD/d)
 In the Media:Novo modelo de tratamento de esgoto é apresentado em Araguaína


The city of Araguaína is the capital of the municipality located in the northern Brazilian state of Tocantins, almost 400 km to the north of the state capital, Palmas.


The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at Araguaína is required to serve a population equivalent of 228,083. The plant needed a considerable upgrade, as the site’s technology had been outpaced by the demands placed upon it by the population density of the area. The Lontra WWTP is being constructed near Barra da Grota. The local government has invested approximately R$ 80 million in the new sewage and wastewater treatment system in the region, to address the general demands of the increased population and contribute to the inhabitants’ wellbeing, by providing healthy drinking water.


Nereda was chosen as the ideal fit for the new WWTP, which feeds into Rio Lontra. The Nereda technology wastewater solution has already been employed in several Brazilian plants, such as Jardim Novo and Deodoro, which have seen the facilities working to a much greater efficiency and capacity. The Araguaína plant will have two newly-installed Nereda reactors, which will have the capacity to treat 13,600 m³ of effluent, with peak flows of 2,196 m³/hour. This will allow the site to considerably expand its treatment capacity.


Since 2013, Araguaína has seen more than 250 kilometres of sewage network installed, a massive investment that is paying dividends in the health of its population. What is spent on sanitation is now being saved on public health. An expansion and upgrade of the Neblina WWTP is also being carried out in 2019, to regulate discharge into the Neblina stream. Collectively this will have a massive impact on the Araguaína region.

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The local benefits of the project

Nereda logo small Greater treatment capacity
Nereda logo small Updated technology 
Nereda logo small Improved efficiency
Nereda logo small Small carbon footprint
Nereda logo small  Cleaner water