Facts & Figures

 ClientSydney Water
 LicenseeAquatec Maxcon
 LocationSydney, Australia
 Operation Start2020
 Project TypeGreenfield
 Process ConfigurationPre-treatment + Primary settler + Nereda + Sand filtration
 Nereda Design Capacity:
  • Dry Weather Flow32,600 m3/d
  • Peak Flow5,400 m3/h
  • PE147,200 PE (PE = 60 gBOD/d)
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About the Quakers Hill Nereda WWTP

In the state of New South Wales, at Sydney Water’s facilities in Quakers Hill, approximately 40 km west of the city center, wastewater of the western part of Sydney is being treated and upgraded for reuse.


Sydney Water required a solution for the increased population growth in New South Wales. The wastewater treatment plant at Quakers Hill water recycling plant needed to be able to service a population equivalent of 223,000 within the Western Sydney catchment. Sydney Water selected Nereda technology based on its impressive performance and cost-efficiency. Prior to the selection, Sydney Water trailed the technology by installing and operating a Nereda pilot plant at Quakers Hill over six months.


The project is part of a A$450 million Lower South Creek Project upgrade of wastewater treatment plants by Sydney Water. Following the successful trial and tender procedure, Nereda licensee Aquatec Maxcon was appointed to deliver the Nereda installation at the plant. Nereda technology was chosen as it is a biological wastewater system that extracts nutrients and chemicals from water with a significantly lower carbon footprint. The Nereda process uses aerobic granular biomass to purify water. The biomass created in the process is denser when compared with conventional methods and allows biomass to settle faster. The site’s treatment capacity needed to be increased, which meant the construction of four 7000 m³ Nereda reactors at the site.


Construction is underway, with commissioning due to take place in the first quarter of 2020. The introduction of this new technology will transform the way Sydney Water manages its wastewater infrastructure and make it more sustainable to meet the growing demands of the population. The adoption of Nereda technology will provide the same quality results as current wastewater technology, but with only a quarter of the carbon footprint and without additional chemical dosing to assist the water treatment process. Not only will this technology reduce Sydney Water’s carbon footprint, but the full scale Nereda plant at Quakers Hill will save around A$14 million in capital costs, which is a saving that will help all of Sydney Water’s customers. The technology will also meet any future – and more stringent – water quality discharge requirements. It is one of several ways Sydney Water is using innovative technologies to deliver cost-effective, quality services to its customers.


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The local benefits of the project

Nereda logo small Significant cost savings
Nereda logo small Future proof compliance
Nereda logo small No chemical dosing
Nereda logo small Small footprint
Nereda logo small  Increased treatment capacity