Facts & Figures

 Client Taswater
 Licensee Aquatec Maxcon
 Location Longford, Tasmania
 Operation Start 2021
 Wastewater Municipal and Industrial
 Project Type Greenfield 
 Process Configuration 
 Nereda Design Capacity:
  • Dry Weather Flow 2,838 m3/d
  • Peak Flow 686 m3/h
  • PE 
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Nereda technology arrives in Tasmania to address odour issues near populous townLongford is a town in the north-eastern region of the Australian island state of Tasmania. It lies 145 metres above sea level at the confluence of the Macquarie and South Esk rivers.


The historic town of Longford has for a number of years suffered with odour pollution problems caused by a combination of the water treatment works and a local abattoir. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had received a number of complaints dating back several years relating to the issue and the local water authority TasWater resolved to address its part of the issue, with an upgrade to the facility. The site at Longford processes a mixture of domestic and trade waste, which can be of various quantity and quality. A robust solution was required to tackle the issue, one which solved the odour problems and also allowed for future expansion if required.


The Tasmanian Water Authority TasWater has engaged the services of Aquatec Maxcon, which is the licensee for Nereda technology in the region. The Nereda process incorporates a granular biological substrate to remove contaminants, with improved nutrient removal. This results in smaller settlement tanks, which is more energy efficient and provides increased flexibility to manage how and when the plant performs. The new Nereda plant will have a slightly smaller footprint, so it can be built within the confines of the existing site, but allow flexibility for future growth. The process’s proven reduction in odours was a major factor in its selection.


Upgrading the Longford sewage treatment plant will significantly improve the quality of effluent discharge and better manage sewage odours that have previously affected the nearby town. The Nereda technology is flexible enough to cope with whatever capacity it is required to process. Parts of the new plant will be fully-enclosed and have a two-stage odour control system incorporated. This is the ideal solution for Longford, as it will remove odours before air is extracted. Though there will still be some odour noticed until the new plant is commissioned, but once it is operational it will eradicate any nuisance caused to the local population.

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The local benefits of the project

Nereda logo small Significant cost savings
Nereda logo small Improved effluent quality
Nereda logo small Low CAPEX and OPEX
Nereda logo small Low noise and odour
Nereda logo small  Considerable energy savings