How does MyNereda keep my WWTP data secure? 

Access to MyNereda is provided by Smart Society, Royal HaskoningDHV’s unified authentication solution that builds on leading technology and is actively developed. Plant performance data is generated and stored by Aquasuite, providing an extra layer of security. MyNereda uses only encrypted connections for data transfer. 

Can other MyNereda members see my WWTP data? 

MyNereda implements strict access rules: information such as performance data, camera images and documents are only visible to those that have been granted access to confidential info of a specific Nereda installation. This often means that, for partners with several Nereda plants, an employee involved with the operation of a given facility will not be able to access confidential content of other plants related to her company, unless this is explicitly requested. RHDHV staff have full viewing access to all facilities to provide optimal operational support. 

If you have more questions about data security on MyNereda, please contact [email protected]