WEC Projects

WEC Projects is Nereda® license partner to deliver the technology in South Africa.

WEC | NeredaWEC Projects is a specialist contractor in the water and wastewater treatment industry with head offices in Johannesburg, South Africa. WEC Projects possesses enviable process design capabilities which allows us to change people’s lives through the implementation of well-engineered and sustainable water treatment solutions. Our expertise extends to: sewage treatment, biogas to energy solutions, operation and maintenance services and sludge beneficiation projects. WEC Projects was established in 2002.

Karl Juncker, Managing Director of WEC Projects: “Nereda is cost effective, sustainable, requires a small footprint and is easy to operate. These attributes make it a perfect fit in the South African wastewater treatment market. In order to deliver solutions to our country’s sewage treatment challenges, we need innovation, and Nereda is that innovation. WEC Projects, together with Nereda, is excited to lead the way. Signing this agreement is not only a huge milestone in the life of WEC Projects, but a significant development for South Africa’s wastewater treatment sector.”