Sources is Nereda® license partner to deliver the technology in France.

Sources LogoSources is an independent and successful company created 18 years ago. Sources is able to design very large water treatment facilities and builds plants from 1.000 PE to 600.000 PE for wastewater treatment and for drinking water production. Sources has completed more than 300 water treatment projects and is currently managing more than 25 construction sites every year. Sources ranks in the Top 5 Water plant contractors in France. The company is located near its customers through a network of five agencies in France and has also a presence in Maghreb.

Mr. Patrick Billette, Managing Director of Sources: “Nereda’s innovative technology is very promising thanks to its treatment abilities while having a low operational expenditure. The wastewater treatment market in France is historically attached to the high-tech nature of its facilities. Sources has developed a new concept in wastewater treatment plants, which is very compact and aesthetic. It integrates seamlessly with its environment, with minimal impact. Nereda technology adapts perfectly to this new concept. With our treatment plants and the Nereda technology, we are totally convinced that we will be able to accelerate and grow in the French market”.