BRK Ambiental

BRK Ambiental is Nereda® license partner to deliver the technology in Brazil.

BRK Ambiental Logo | NeredaBRK Ambiental is present in 180 Brazilian cities spread across nine states in the country. With over 6000 direct employees the company serves more than 16 million people. The company is also a partner in public and private project of the state sanitation companies in São Paulo, Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia e Pernambuco. BRKt Ambiental and Royal HaskoningDHV have signed a cooperation agreement in 2013 to implement the innovative wastewater treatment technology Nereda in Brazil. 

Giancarlo Ronconi, Technology Director at BRK Ambiental, said: “We are true believers regarding Nereda technology – as matter of fact we understand that we are developing in conjunction with Royal HaskoningDHV, a breakthrough solution for large WWTP with high process efficiency and excellent cost benefit ratio”.