After 20 years of research and development the Dutch innovative wastewater treatment technology Nereda is now proving itself as the leap forward in wastewater treatment technology. To guarantee successful Nereda plants and to support clients worldwide we work closely with our partners in a Nereda Member Community, supported by an online platform My Nereda.

Nereda Community Days

Image: site visit in Hartebeesfontein, South-Africa, during the Nereda Community days in November 2016

Exponential rise of Nereda plants

The number of Nereda plants is rising exponentially. Plants are in operation or under construction in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK with further projects in prospect in the USA, South America, Europe, India and the Middle East. It seems like Nereda is in the running to become the next global standard for wastewater treatment. We can only fulfill this with a professional way of working, together with our partners, licensees and clients.

Sharing knowledge with peers

The Member Community is a platform to share knowledge and expertise, ask questions, discuss new developments, prepare conferences, et cetera. Besides that, the community has a live streamed dashboard function so members have direct access to the performance of their plant through the Aquasuite Nereda Controller any time of the day, anywhere.