The key to Myanmar’s successful development is the upgrade of its energy infrastructure. Myanmar is determined to leapfrog black energy to clean energy. The creation and maintenance of an effective energy supply are vital to societies in supporting the economic growth and development that will raise the quality of life across the population. However, excessive consumption of fossil fuels is contributing to global warming and air pollution.

The challenge therefore is to move to low-carbon and renewable means of production while ensuring existing and future demands are met. Costs need to be contained, output assured, and risk managed.

Our engineers are ahead of the curve, providing solutions to meet the long-term interests of our clients and the societies in which they operate, while accommodating social, environmental, cultural and economic realities.

As frontrunner in Energy Transition, we combine technical expertise with management consultancy to provide solutions to support our clients with their strategy and programme for the transition towards a low carbon economy.

We enable and empower our clients to select the best opportunities and the way forward for their organisation to implement the change, and optimise and upgrade the use of their current assets through innovative technology. For example we are developing a new product which will enable clients to access a single source of up-to-date data to improve the sustainability of buildings and reduce energy use.

We have been a leading consultancy in the energy industry for nearly 30 years focusing on the growth and diversification into wind, wave, current and tidal installations, solar, hydro power plants, energy from waste and biofuel facilities ensuring security of supply.

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Methi Pieper

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Yangon, Myanmar

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