Royal HaskoningDHV has developed unique partnering arrangements with academic and research institutions for innovations in the water field. Together with these partners Royal HaskoningDHV continuously conducts research into better, more sustainable and innovative solutions for water related issues. Solutions such as Nereda, Aquasuite, Crystalactor and Ephyra, cover water production, transport and treatment and stormwater and wastewater collection, transport and treatment, including sludge management. 

Water Technology and Products

Royal HaskoningDHV provides a suite of state of the art, patented and award winning products and technologies that is delivered seamlessly to our clients. Whether solving society's challenges such as water scarcity, access to drinking water, protecting water resources, or reducing our water footprint, our approach focuses on the sustainability of the solutions provided, minimizing energy requirements, and maximizing recovery of resources. 

Royal HaskoningDHV shows leadership in innovation by working together with business partners, knowledge institutions, providors and clients.


Nereda® | A product of Royal HaskoningDHVNereda is an innovative wastewater treatment technology that uses the unique features of aerobic granular biomass. More cost-effective than traditional water treatment methods, Nereda plants are up to four times smaller than traditional installations, consume only half the energy and require no chemicals for the treatment process.
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ALE recovery and reuse

The substance responsible for the granular growth of microorganisms in Nereda® sludge is an alginate-like polymer. It is a valuable raw material with many potential and actual applications, in the paper and textile industries, in the agricultural sector to improve water management in semi-arid areas, in the chemical sector and in the medical world and food industry. Together with TU Delft, STOWA and water authorities we are investigating the recovery and reuse of this alginate-like polymer.


Crystalactor® | A product of Royal HaskoningDHVCrystalactor is a sustainable crystallization technology for the removal and recovery of hardness, heavy metals, phosphates, fluoride or sulphate from drinking, process and wastewater. This proven zero-waste process is characterized by low operation costs and a small footprint. Instead of waste sludge the process produces compact and reusable, dry pellets.
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Carrousel® is a proven, cost-effective, reliable and highly efficient method for the biological treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. Its clear advantage is the continuous biological process of BOD removal and simultaneous nitrification and de-nitrification in a single reactor with only limited equipment required. Over 1,200 systems have already been successfully implemented world-wide, with treatment capacities ranging from as little as a thousand to as high as ten million population equivalent.
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Bulking sludge is a common occurrence in industrial wastewater treatment plants, resulting in poor effluent quality. The Anti-Bulking Reactor - ABR® - is a mixed-tank unit with a carefully selected residence time and aeration capacity that quickly and permanently removes the causes of bulking sludge: the highly biodegradable components such as fatty acids, saccharides and alcohols.


Ephyra® | A product of Royal HaskoningDHVEphyra optimizes and maximizes the capacity for existing and new sludge digestion tanks by introducing a flexible plug flow in a civil construction combined with process control. This technology increases the removal of organic material and biogas production on mesophilic temperature. It makes it possible to reduce the hydraulic retention time resulting in smaller tank volume or an increased capacity of the existing tank. Ephyra has better pay back times and relative low investment costs compared to competitive systems.

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Themista is a sludge pre-treatment technology that combines specific process temperature and contact time with process control. This technology is applicable on existing sludge digestion tanks. Main advantages: an increase of removal of organic material and increase of biogas production under mild process conditions (no steam or thermal oil); no need for complicated design extensive) thickening of sludge before digestion; positive energy/heat balance; no production of toxic by-products and less formation of foam; and lower investments which results in better pay-back time. 


Aquasuite® | A product of Royal HaskoningDHVIn a world that faces an increasing water scarcity it is more and more about optimal use of water systems,smart solutions, efficient IT, monitoring, analysis, integration and big data management. Aquasuite® brings intelligent solutions for the entire water chain, solid model-based forecasting and controlling software to enhance the operational performance of water systems and maximise the potential of assets.

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Aquasuite® OPIR

OPIR Aquasuite® | A product of Royal HaskoningDHVOPIR is the real-time software solution that optimizes the operation of water supply systems by predicting the future water demand. Intelligent control of the water system by OPIR leads to less Non Revenue Water, less energy consumption, improved operation stability, less wear and tear of the equipment and a better water quality. 

Aquasuite® FLOW

FLOW Aquasuite® | A product of Royal HaskoningDHVFLOW is an asset management tool for the most efficient wastewater transport system. It displays your pump and pressure line performance, enables condition-based maintenance, realises a 5-10% reduction on energy costs and displays process deviations statistics. Other advantages or this Aquasuite® product are: improvement on real time performance, optimized pump control settings, reduction on investments and transparency in system performance.HTML

Aquasuite® PURE

PURE Aquasuite® | A product of Royal HaskoningDHVPURE is the advanced oxygen controller that minimizes energy consumption and optimizes nitrogen removal of wastewater treatment plants. PURE operates aerators, propulsors and other rotary equipment in activated sludge type wastewater treatment plants. Using lab or field measurements, PURE determines the optimal oxygen setpoint and presents clear and flexible trends and overviews of the process parameters.

Aquasuite® MINE

MINE Aquasuite® | A product of Royal HaskoningDHVThere is a world to win with wastewater treatment sludge. Think about a higher production of energy and raw materials, and a reduction of the sludge disposal and PE consumption, resulting in lower yearly costs. MINE offers the possibility to optimise the sludge line, maximise biogas production and minimise sludge removal.


CODE® | A product of Royal HaskoningDHVWith increased interest for anaerobic digestion of waste and waste-to-energy schemes, treatment of the co-produced digestate is an important success factor for cost-effective and sustainable processing. Our CODE process aims at minimizing operational costs for digestate treatment by using smart designed separation processes to harvest as many as possible fertilizers and other raw materials.

The Human Sensor

The Human Sensor is a sophisticated software tool to improve water utilities client intimacy and business processes concerning complaints about leaks and quality issues. Most prominent is the use of the information provided by the client itself, therefore becoming a sensor itself (= The Human Sensor). The technology - developed together with PWN - is unique because investments in and maintenance of numerous hardware sensors in the distribution network can be minimized or even avoided.

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Humic Acid Technology

Groundwater originating from peat aquifers and coloured surface water is rich in humic acids. Currently humic acid is often discharged as a waste product during the drinking water treatment process. Thanks to an innovative technology this substance can now be reclaimed in its pure form and in a sustainable way, resulting in an organic soil improver. This constitutes a major opportunity for water supply companies.