Combing water governance and strategy with our passion for water

While governments are becoming more integrated in their approach to decision making, projects are taking much longer to come through the consents and planning processes.

While everyone agrees that engaging more with different parties brings about better decisions, better value, local ownership and finance for developments, the processes for water strategies are becoming more complex and harder to manage.

From our point of view, one of the ways we can help you achieve a smoother transition through the consents and approvals processes, is by making sense of the complexities and managing the processes for you, such as stakeholder engagement, and talking to businesses that have an interest in coastal management to enable them to take ownership and contribute to funding.

A passion for water is what makes us different

While other consultancy firms may offer advice on policy, we come from a position of understanding. We understand exactly how the water sector operates as well as the nature of water itself. It is our passion for water that makes us different. We combine this passion with our clear understanding of governance and strategy, streaming them together to form a powerful synergy.

A worldwide approach to water - with local understanding

It is very important to understand that each country has its own unique way of doing things. Because we have a thorough understanding of water governance in many countries, including the Netherlands, Poland, the UK and South Africa, we have developed unique approach. By matching local needs, geography and legal arrangements, we can be apply our methods to other countries across the world. This means we can offer a service that matters and makes sense to government bodies and stakeholders alike.