Engineering our environment and protecting our future

Rural areas are under pressure as never before, from urban sprawl, requirement for resources, degradation, pollution and more. We neglect them and their communities at our peril.

Our quality of life is inextricably entwined with the quality of rural areas. They help to keep our societies alive and functioning, providing food, water and clean air. We enjoy them for recreation, use them to protect us from flooding and harness them to generate energy.

Understanding these complex interactions, managing the resources, improving ecologies and improving the lives of these communities underpin successful rural engineering. In so doing, the quality of all our lives is enhanced.


Collaboration, communication, knowledge and insight remain the watchwords for success in achieving planning consents.

Increasingly sustainable development is also part of the agenda, pushed to the fore by profound changes in policies, popular attitudes and an environmental imperative. The challenge is to enable development to progress without transgressing the social and ecological boundaries of our planet.

Such a balance is achievable. It requires an integrated vision and a commitment to innovation and the enhancement of societies. It needs clear understanding of the breadth of the issues, and engagement with stakeholders across the community.