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Changes in consumer demand and behaviour are driving transformations in the global FMCG industry. Product manufacturers are expanding into new countries, adapting to changing patterns of demand, reduced their time-to-market and adopting new technologies to support their strategies.

New solutions are helping manufacturers manage risk, remain competitive and future proof their investments.


Expand: responding to global growth in consumption

The global middle-class population is expanding at an unprecedented rate. Manufacturing companies are investing to meet the growing demand. Markets can be unpredictable, so operations need to be flexible, which means manufacturing engineering will become even more important. With fierce competition… Read more

Adapt: meeting demand as consumer behaviour changes

Megatrends in consumer behaviour are driving FMCG product manufacturers to change their business models. These include: personalisation, e-commerce, health and wellness and sustainability. For FMCG manufacturers such trends require changes in production, and thus supply chain innovation. Demand is fragmenting… Read more

Adopt: implementing new technologies to stay ahead

Intensifying competition and the continuous need for cost efficiency means companies must adopt and embrace new technologies. Strategic goals form the basis of investing in technology. In practice, digital technologies not only improve the process of new assets, they are helping with managing existing factories as well. Assessi, our fast plant assessment tool, enables automated assessments of sites, equipment and facilities by analysing data quickly. Simulation technology…  Read more


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