Smart and Healthy Environments

We harmonise the human and built environments, deploying technology to enhance the way in which commercial and public buildings are developed to create the ultimate user experience. From corporate office buildings to healthcare facilities, human-led decisions are interconnected with technologies to optimise productivity, working spaces and employee wellbeing.



High Performing Production Sites

We transform industrial production sites by increasing the efficiency, reliability and integrity of your enabling assets. By combining a clear investment and asset management strategy with the power of Industry 4.0, we extend asset life, deliver performance-based lifecycle management and build a solid foundation for ongoing business development.



Energy transition is a journey that is inevitable.

With the onslaught of climate change, the urgent need to reshape our energy landscape is transforming governments, businesses and citizens alike.

What does this transition mean for our cities? What are the possibilities, risks and opportunities ahead?  How should your business adapt to this changing world?

From strategy and implementation to the use of innovative technology and techniques, find out how we are collaborating with clients and partners to navigate towards a sustainable energy future and seize the right opportunities. 

Fastlane: Accelerating the energy transition of buildings

In the Netherlands, we are faced with the task of making more than 8 million buildings more sustainable in the next twenty years. The energy transition requires careful plans and quick, far reaching decisions.

Where do you start? Can you speed up the process carefully? Can you prevent waste? How do you monitor the balance between ambitions, measures, costs and results? How do you keep a grip and overview of this complex world with stakeholders, interests, new developments and outdated data? How can you avoid making decisions based on incorrect information and assumptions?

Fastlane is a tool specially tailored to assist you in the energy transition of buildings.


Accessible digital, interactive text and visualisations reduce project complexity and lead to highly informed decision-making.

The iReport is an easily accessible online digital platform where information is visual and dynamic, enabling it to be rapidly shared and understood at the touch of button. Royal HaskoningDHV has developed this innovative next generation digital tool which minimises complexity and benefits a wide range of project reports, from corridor and feasibility studies to masterplans and forecasting capacity studies. Currently used in various projects around the world, the iReport is pushing the frontier of project reports and will unleash new opportunities for all parties who are directly or indirectly involved in the project.