Better designs through a parametric way of working

A Parametric way of working
A parametric way of working is a design approach implemented at the very start of your project to provide a quicker, more cost effective and optimal solution for your building. By integrating the key elements of your project into a single adjustable model, the parametric approach allows you to make smart, informed decisions based on real-time information to deliver a better building, optimised to your needs.It has the flexibility to change as your needs change. It can give you a blueprint for multiple projects, tailored to each specific location. It is ideal for complex structures and requirements, and represents the future of building design.Start now.

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Is your investment generating value for tomorrow?

FMCG Business Case Consultancy
It’s harder than ever to make the right decision when you’re investing for future manufacturing success. Markets, technology and opportunities are changing fast. To respond with the right decision at the right time, you need expert assistance. Count on us to analyse the alternatives, giving you confidence you’re making the right choice.

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Mobility in transition

Shaping the new mobility system
Mobility is undergoing a seismic shift. An exponential growth in population and goods consumption is placing new and increasing demands on mobility networks across the globe. Our cities and its surrounding areas must remain accessible without compromising residents’ quality of life, all while striving for environmental sustainability. The transition of our transport networks to a sustainable, safe, reliable and inclusive mobility system requires us to anticipate change and make choices today, which could have a huge impact on our cities of tomorrow. By bringing together cutting-edge technology with tailored strategy and expert implementation, Royal HaskoningDHV is enabling cities to optimise their mobility networks today and shape the mobility system of tomorrow. From long term transport policies and strategies to actionable programmes and roadmaps today, we work in close collaboration with our clients to revolutionise their transport investments – all with the aim of creating the next generation cities of the future.

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Water for Industry

Water affects industries’ bottom lines. Water shortages, extreme weather events and climate change mean that industries must choose how rather than if they improve their resilience and the sustainability of their water use. Managing water better is an opportunity for industry to strengthen competitiveness and attract investments. At the same time this secures their license to operate, reduces financial losses and altogether ensures business continuity while delivering social value.

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According to the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2019, four environmental risks dominate the top 5 global risks in terms of likelihood and impact – failure of climate-change mitigation and adaptation; extreme weather events; water crises and natural disasters.

The city of the future will rely on climate resilient strategies, master planning and infrastructure to support the growing demands of urbanisation. Predictive risk and impact modelling and analytics, forecasting and automated alerting, as well as global industry-related expertise are central to this reality.

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BIM (Building Information Modelling) is changing the way we work in our industry, and it is here to stay.
Royal HaskoningDHV is digitalising its project delivery by automating and integrating daily work with data-driven and BIM enabled processes, improving service efficiency, quality, and performance to delivery sustainable projects.

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Digital Twin

With over 140 years of engineering experience and a deep knowledge of physical environments, we create digital twins with an unparalleled level of accuracy and detail. Our data modelling, predictive simulation and IoT technologies can help you transform the way you think and operate, delivering the insights needed to improve decision-making and optimise processes.

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Energy transition is a journey that is inevitable.

With the onslaught of climate change, the urgent need to reshape our energy landscape is transforming governments, businesses and citizens alike.

What does this transition mean for our cities? What are the possibilities, risks and opportunities ahead?  How should your business adapt to this changing world?

From strategy and implementation to the use of innovative technology and techniques, find out how we are collaborating with clients and partners to navigate towards a sustainable energy future and seize the right opportunities. 

Fastlane: Accelerating the energy transition of buildings

In the Netherlands, we are faced with the task of making more than 8 million buildings more sustainable over the next thirty years in line with UN targets and The Paris Agreement. The energy transition requires thoughtful planning to accelerate the right decisions and effective implementation.

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FastLane is an approach which speeds up the decision-making process, ensuring your buildings meet the Paris Agreement and local climate policy faster, without unnecessary investments. With the FastLane approach you gain insight into the short and long-term effects of sustainability measures per building and for your entire building portfolio. This enables you to take action more quickly, because it becomes clear to you and other decision-makers within your organisation which measures are realistic, cost-effective and future-proof.


Would you like to present your project documents in an easily accessible, attractive way and speed up the decision-making process? With iReport, you can. iReport is a web-based application that provides a whole range of visual and interactive information. A few clicks are all it takes to ensure your plan for a complex multi-stakeholder project is manageable and accessible to all target groups.

iReport enables you to improve the quality and efficiency of your project. You create a user-friendly digital environment for all your documents and reports. You can share information, collaborate on reports, and ask for feedback. Using the e-Participation tool can significantly increase support for your project or programme with a view to the Dutch Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet).