Cities and urban areas are complex environments, with high numbers of people simultaneously living, working and enjoying leisure time. These densely populated areas feature challenges such as traffic congestion, limited water resources and ongoing population growth. To function effectively, urban infrastructure, facilities and systems need to be well-planned and forward-thinking.

Royal HaskoningDHV has an extensive portfolio of urban development worldwide, as well as across Indonesia. Around half of Indonesia's population, approximately 118 million people, live in urban areas, and we integrate world-class experience with local knowledge to produce innovative and practical solutions for these environments.

We combine new approaches and technologies with specialist engineering and city planning experience. This means we can deliver exceptional solutions for our clients in energy, waste, healthcare, transport, water and environmental issues. Our aim is to create sustainable urban spaces that are less vulnerable to water extremes, urban heat, and ongoing population growth.

Our projects enhance the lives of urban populations in both the short term and long term. Our clients include national and local government organisations, and companies from both the public and private sector. We deliver solutions that make a real difference to the lives of people living in cities and urban communities.

We are renowned for our design of urban residential areas, landscape design, and smart city design. Focusing on feasibility and cost-effectiveness, our innovative spatial planning achieves the multiple use of space while incorporating sustainable features. We create desirable cities and urban environments, with systems and infrastructure that improve the quality of life for their inhabitants.