Planning in Rural Areas

Rural areas are essential to the effective functioning of our societies and environment. They provide food, water and clean air. We use them for recreation, for protection from flooding and to harness renewable energy. By managing their plentiful resources, supporting rural communities and preserving natural ecologies we can enhance the quality of all our lives.

Royal HaskoningDHV has an impressive portfolio of successful rural projects across the globe, as well as throughout Indonesia. Our multidisciplinary team of environmental and engineering experts understand the complex interactions between rural areas and surrounding urban environments, and deliver practical, creative, and sustainable solutions.    

We take a holistic view of rural areas and aim to provide balance, enabling development to proceed while preserving our natural heritage and eco-systems. We design coastal and river flood defences that are sustainable as well as practical, such as Indonesia's National Capital Integrated Coastal Development project. As well as providing vital long-term flood protection to the city of Jakarta, the development plans will also benefit the surrounding environment.

We deliver solutions for rural facilities and infrastructure that enhance the lives of local communities. Around half of Indonesia's population lives in rural areas, and millions of people lack access to clean water, electricity and sanitation. Population increases are leading to rapid urbanisation, bringing rising demands for clean water, and deterioration of rural environments which increases the risk of flooding.

These challenges require an integrated approach, and we combine global experience with outstanding local knowledge and leading technology.  We work with the Indonesian government, local government organisations, the private sector and aid agencies to deliver solutions that benefit communities and surrounding populations as well as the environment.