People travel en masse and by different means everywhere in the world. Every country and every city has its own transport development system, experienced on a daily basis, from Johannesburg to Riyadh, New Delhi to Surabaya, Amsterdam to London. Wherever we operate, we explore each local situation and social developments, using our experience knowledge and technology to turn challenges into effective, local traffic and transport solutions.

Sustainable urban transport

Half of the world's population live in cities, which means the need for well-organised and sustainable transport management strategies is growing. We specialise in complex transport management issues concerning accessibility, safety and quality of life. Major changes often start with small steps, such as an alteration to an intersection, pedestrian route or timetable, as well as large-scale projects, where we carry part of the risk.

Streamlining travel patterns

A journey's destination is the result of individual decisions and patterns emerge from these personal choices. We have significant experience in managing and streamlining transport patterns. Our experience enables us to tackle bottlenecks, make transfers more flexible and demonstrate how the impact our suggested measures can have though modelling traffic and transport flows, through traffic management systems, capacity studies, timetable simulations or new services at stations.

A safer and more economical performance

Everyone wants to travel from A to B quickly, safely and comfortably. Through the implementation of traffic management strategies we can optimise the performance of road, rail and water networks. Professional management is essential to secure well performing traffic management systems for the long-term. With international PAS 55 certification, we have a long tradition in asset management for both public and industrial clients. Our methodology enables a smarter focus on performance, risks and costs. Roadworks often involve traffic nuisance and we implement traffic management for roadwork situations to improve traffic flow.

We deliver what we recommend

We operate globally on all aspects of the transport chain. Whether designing metro stations in Amsterdam or constructing traffic systems in South Africa, always striving to improve the daily journey through planning, design, delivery or management.

Our role in intelligent traffic solutions and geo-information management is growing. We translate new developments into scenarios to enable you to make the right choices for the future, and because we stand by our recommended solutions and live up to our promises, we prefer to supervise the implementation of our solutions, adding value to your project in terms of cost and successful delivery.

Dutch roots

Our roots lie in the Netherlands. Densely populated and ‘urbanised’, the Netherlands has finely branched and busy road, rail and water networks. Thanks to its strategic location and two main ports, the Netherlands forms an important transit country for Europe. Despite millions of transfers each day, the Netherlands is the safest transit country in the world and is renowned for its nation of cyclists. Due to limited space, we focus particularly on the smarter use and maintenance of existing infrastructures.